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Get Accredited

Get Accredited with

Accreditation is a quality assurance process by which a product or service is reviewed by Thingstodo Ltd to determine if applicable standards are met. The certification program is considered a mark of distinction and gives the visitor or user of the product / service reassurance that the company/product has been reviewed independently.

Should the listing meet the standards they receive accredited status on the website , an accredited sticker and certificate.

Main areas that are reviewed by TTD :

  • Quality of product or service
  • Customer focus / service excellence (i.e. their focus on the customer & customer facilities)
  • Value for money
  • Access to product or service
  • Areas of particular interest / distinction are also noted on the thingstodo website i.e. if they are family friendly , have a good website etc

Key benefits of being accredited :

  • Competitive advantage - people will feel more inclined to use a listing they are unfamiliar with that is accredited rather than a non accredited listing. With the accredited listing they will have the comfort factor that someone independent has reviewed the attraction / location / product.
  • Accredited listings appear first on the list before all non accredited listings.
  • Effective feedback from thingstodo
  • When people visit a location and see the accreditation certificate / sticker on display this will give them a comfort factor that the listing has been approved by Thingstodo Ltd.
  • Will be able to add the thingstodo accreditation logo to your website

Please email with your name , phone no , website address (if you have one) and the business you would like our team to review.

We will give you a call on receipt of your email.

Many thanks

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